Centurion Vector 400/500 Swing Gate Motors

  • Description

The VECTOR2 automation system is the all-round winner for swing gates. Its linear operating principle with internal position control makes the system quick and easy to install. The revolutionary mechanical design ensures a swift, powerful and reliable operator for the majority of domestic and light-industrial gates. The low voltage motor provides safe operation and battery backup. The advanced controller is feature-rich and the setup and commissioning is child’s play.

Low profile in-line design:

The VECTOR2 has a low profile design with in-line construction of the motor, gearbox and actuating piston. This enhances the aesthetic appearance of the operator allowing it to blend in as unobtrusively as possible with the design of the gate.

 Easy to install:

The fully integrated linear action operator with no complicated linkages makes the installation of the system very quick and easy. Added to this, the internal position control mechanism simplifies the     installation even further, as the gates no longer require end-of-travel end stops . Combined with different optional mounting bracket kits, the VECTOR2 can be fitted to almost any swing gate pillar.

Revolutionary brake:

The revolutionary centrifugal brake developed for the VECTOR2 ensures secure locking of the operator when the gate is both open and closed.

 Complete speed control:

 The VECTOR2 electronics, with ‘Quadra-Drive’ speed control, maintains smooth and quiet starting and stopping of the gate regardless of its condition and ambient temperatures, even after many years of service. This state of the art control reduces the operating stresses and extends the life of both the operator and the gate.


Electronic features: 

  • Onboard multichannel CENTSYS code-hopping receiver with the ability to learn transmitter buttons to specific functions (e.g. Gate trigger, Pedestrian Opening, Free-exit, Pillar Light Control, Holiday Lockout), selectively delete specific transmitters that have been lost or stolen, automatically learn transmitters (Autolearn) and automatically delete transmitters that are not in use (Delete-Not-Present).
  • Multiple Modes of Operation, including Standard Mode and Condominium Mode (multi-user).
  • Full configuration of gate opening parameters, including independent gate opening and closing speeds, ramp-up and ramp-down distances and end-of-travel crawl distance.
  • Automatic closing with adjustable time, pushbutton override and selectable according to gate status.
  • Selectable leaf-delay on either gate leaf.
  • Advanced Positive Close Mode ensuring the gate remains closed in a secure, rigid position.
  • Multiple Operating Profiles to suit region of installation - select between ZA, CE, etc.
  • Pedestrian Opening (adjustable opening and Autoclose time).
  • Remote Gate Status Indicator (gate position, power failure, low battery, multiple collision detection and Pillar Light status indication).
  • Courtesy / Pillar Light Timer with adjustable time.
  • Fully configurable pre-delays with multi-modal pre-flash.
  • Opening and closing safety beam inputs with beam circuit functional test.
  • High security cleared-beam Autoclose in conjunction with safety beam (PIRAC).
  • Break-in and Ambush Alarms with configurable outputs via onboard buzzer, Pillar Light relay, etc.
  • Holiday Lockout – configurable as Emergency Stop.
  • Free-exit facility.
  • Advanced solenoid or magnetic gate-lock release pulse.






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