Safety Zone supply, maintain and service a broad spectrum of alarm systems. These systems are designed and set up to blend in with the customer’s lifestyle. In terms of indoor and outdoor detectors there are numerous on the market, some that are pet friendly and some that are not. Provision is made for smoke detectors, glass break detectors and door contacts. Our alarms make provision for LED and LCD keypads to be fitted. Supervised remote arming is also an integral part of our alarm systems allowing the control of various functions and features on the alarm system. Offsite monitoring is also available via land line and GSM based modules. 

Safety Zone also specializes in the installation of Wireless alarm systems. With indoor and outdoor detection devices, door contacts and smoke detectors being wireless the applications become vast where the use of hard wired are impractical. The advantages to the wireless devices are that there are no unsightly cables that have to be laid, that can be chopped off and the most important fact that the wireless devices are impervious to lightning. 

Although Safety Zone does not do the armed reaction all our alarm systems can be connected with any of the armed response companies in your area.  

Alarm Systems

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