Intercom Systems:

Safety Zone makes use of all the popular brands of intercom systems both voice and video. Most of our intercom systems have the intercommunication facility when expanded to two or more handsets. Our intercom systems can also facilitate a gate status LED fitted for easy identification of the status of the gate.

Safety Zone is a registered installer of the Mircom and B1000/G2 intercom systems which are land line and GSM (SIM Card) based intercom systems. These systems are ideal when there are cable issues when it comes to the installation and even the repair of intercom systems in complexes. These systems have mains protection thus making them extremely resistant to lightning strikes.

Access Control:

We will install, service and maintain various types of access control units which use electric striker locks, magnetic locks, proximity and biometric. Access control units operating on 220v, 12 & 24v battery backup systems for pedestrian gates, driveway gates, garage doors, booms are used.



Intercom Systems & Access Control

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