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Safety Zone is a Johannesburg based company. We offer our services in the greater Johannesburg area as well as the east and west rand. We are a service based company that are focused on the installation, maintenance and offer service on the following products:   

Alarm Systems:

We do the installation and maintenance on most alarm/intruder detection devices. However our company are specialists on the PARADOX hardwired, wireless and hybrid systems. All related products that are connected to an alarm panel e.g. indoor and outdoor PIR's (passive infra-red)-(hardwired & wireless) those that are pet immune and those that are not, perimeter beams (hardwired & wireless), door contacts (hardwired & wireless) and also smoke detectors (hardwired & wireless). GSM modules and voice modules also form part of our alarm system.

Closed Circuit Television (CCTV). Surveillance & Digital Video Recording Systems (DVR): 



Electric fencing and all related products:



Garage doors, their electric openers and related products:



Vehicle Gates, Electric Auto Openers & Related Products:



Intercom & Intercommunicating Systems Including Telephone (Landline) & GSM (Cell) Based Systems:



Access Control Systems:






Palisade fencing
Security gates
Burglar bars
Vehicle gates

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