Gate & Garage and Boom Automation

Automation is no longer just because it is convenient, it is in fact a real security issue. Time, and the fact that you do not have to get in and out of your vehicle to paramount to keeping your security tight. Hijackings are a real threat and having to exit a vehicle to open a gate or garage just exposes yourself unnecessarily. 

Safety Zone supply, maintain and service the popular brands on the market. Gate motors from sliding to swing gates, AC motors to battery driven motors with battery backup.

Garage doors sectional, tip-up and roll-up. AC motors to battery driven motors with battery backup : Centurion | DIGI | ET | Brano | Genie | DC Blue

Garage Automation

Balanced – There are two distinct parts, the door and the motor. And it’s the biggest moving item in the home. It can be dangerous. Requires regular maintenance and servicing. We can help if you stuck in or out, but not if you stuck under. If the door is not balanced the motor will break. If you fix the motor and the door is not balanced, it will break again. Both need regular servicing. Please book in a job card if the door is making a noise, the motor straining or if you haven’t had a service in a long time. The springs on the door are designed to act as a counter balance, but they are made out of steel and get weaker as they are used. They can just break from metal fatigue. We fit and repair any types of garage doors whether it be single, double, wooden or steel. We do tip ups, roll ups and slated, whichever you prefer. We only use the best suppliers for our doors. We do battery back up motors.

We offer new installations, repairs and services to tip-up, sectional and Roll-Up garage door motors and doors.Some of the top brands we supply: Digidoor, Pro Alfa.

Please contact us with your garage door and motor requirements.