Electric Fencing

As the first line of defence an electrified fence is an important part of your arsenal in protecting your “Safety Zone”

Safety Zone supply, maintain and service all the fences available on the market.

From your basic 5 strand wall top fence, through to a high security 24 or 30 strand fence with multiple zones. From a single home to a complex, domestic and commercial Safety Zone has got you covered.

As far as electric fencing brackets go, there are various options available. We recommend that nothing lower than an 8-strand fence be fitted. We will however look after your existing fence no matter the size.

Depending on your property needs and the type of wall, there are options available to you:

  • Wall top fencing using the square tubing – powder coated or galvanised posts that are either straight, bottom or top angled in various strand configurations. To this fence we can fit the “anti-lift wall mount loops” and or the “in-line” loops.
  • Free standing fencing. This is a standalone fence ranging from 12 strands upwards.
  • Piggy back fencing. This fencing is attached to the side of an existing structure. This ranges anything from as little as 1 strand upwards.